Addressing the Root Problem Helped Me to Look Good Again

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My grandmother has glaucoma, and she was given Careprost to use to help treat one of the symptoms that she has. She was told that a happy side-effect of using it is that it helps to make your lashes grow. She had always felt that she has been lacking in the eyelash department, so she was tickled to see how long and lush hers soon grew after using it. Not long after, I learned that anyone can use the same product and see the same results. Considering that my own lashes had become very sparse due to age, I wanted to try it out, too.

Most people have been surprised throughout my life to find out that I wear makeup. I do not look especially wonderful with no makeup on at all, but when I do use it, I know how to use a very light hand when applying it so that it does not look obvious on my face. However, as I began growing older, I found that I needed to try out and use even more makeup to hide imperfections that come with age. I had been struggling to find a mascara that would help hide the fact that my lashes had been falling out slowly, and I wasn’t having any luck with finding anything that really worked for more than a couple of hour.

Upon receiving Careprost in the mail, I found myself feeling very hopeful. I had just spent $35.00 plus shipping costs on yet another tube of mascara from a beauty company that promised that it would give the illusion of thick lashes, but the mascara didn’t do what it promised. Careprost didn’t just offer me an illusion of hope. Instead, it actually addressed the root problem and helped my eyelashes to grow in the first place. I never knew that it is possible to grow your lashes out again, but I am a believer because mine are now longer and more lush. I no longer need to buy expensive lash cosmetics that provide only temporary help.

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