9 Fleet Management Tips to Keep HGV Drivers Safe
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Driving heavy vehicles is much different than ordinary office jobs. That is why fleet managers have a lot more to consider when it comes to health and safety. We have compiled a list of 9 tips to ensure that your HGV drivers stay as safe as possible while they are out on the road.

1. Safety is the number one priority

Your top priority should always be safety. For your drivers, it needs to be more important than efficiency or speed and for the company, it needs to be more important than profits. You don’t want your drivers to be injured and you don’t want your company to lose business or income due to accidents. You should encourage your drivers to inform you about any ideas they might have regarding safety – they may have insights that either your safety inspectors or you do not have.

2. Check your vehicles on a regular basis

“Checking your vehicles regularly and thoroughly provides you with the chance to prevent problems before they ever occur” advises the operational manager at The LGV Training Company. The key to ensuring that your vehicles are kept in a safe condition is regular inspections and maintenance. Make sure to have booked and then stick to your schedule.

Making a pre-trip inspection prior to each trip is a sound practice to convey to your drivers. This can help them avoid such problems as not having enough petrol in their vehicles mid-journey.

3. Eliminate dangerous driving

This one is hard – how can you tell which drivers on your staff are serial tailgaters? Fortunately, there are tools that are available that enable you to monitor the way your vehicles are driven.

4. Drug and alcohol testing

Although you would like to believe that your drivers wouldn’t risk their own lives by coming into work under the influence of drugs or alcohol, you have to realise that you don’t know what other types of stress factors people are under that might push them in this direction.

Getting a testing regimen implemented is the best thing that you can do. That will allow you to avoid anybody under the influence driving one of your vehicles and make it possible for them to get help for their problem.

5. Create a pre-defined accident procedure and implement it

Even with all of the policies and procedures in the world, accidents still do happen at times. As a fleet manager, the best thing that you can do is prepare yourself for that eventuality. Get a procedure created that drivers should follow in case there is an accident and make sure your drivers are all trained according to it.

6. Supply your drivers with ‘hands-free’ setups for their mobile phones

For those situations where something has changed or you have another reason for needing to call a driver, you don’t want to have to worry about it being unsafe when answering their phone.

When your drivers are supplied with hands-free peripherals to use with their mobile phones, it will ensure they are able to take calls without putting other drivers or themselves at risk.

7. Plan your routes

Planning your routes is a good practice to follow from both a cost reduction and efficiency standpoint. It has safety considerations as well. By making sure your drivers have sufficient time for completing their trips, based on actual data regarding the routes that they use, you can avoid them having stressful trips where they feel they have to rush due to not having enough time.

8. Stay aware of the weather

Be sure to stay up to date on weather reports. If the weather changes for the worse your route planning may all end up going out of the window. Of particular concern are high winds. If you see that might be a problem, then you might want to consider getting your vehicles re-routed.

9. Training and policies

Now you are aware of the most important elements to watch out for and to train your drivers on. So how do you take action? The key is your training and policies. Policy for alcohol/drug testing and vehicle inspections need to be put in place and they need to be enforced and followed across your entire company.

In order for them to be effective, it is important to make sure the professional relationships work in both directions, between the drivers and fleet managers.

Trucks And Snubbers, Part three
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In the previous publish on this subject (see: – ), I offered background on the prototype for the Pacific Fruit Express forty-foot steel ice reefers transformed for categorical service. We ended up finding our van for sale by proprietor (in the coloration we were hoping for no less!) 5 miles down the street from our home. The officer can impound the car on this scenario and / or give the motive force and / or the business / vehicle owner a citation. You aren’t – I repeat NOT – an Owner Op. Tell them you are taking your truck and switching firms and see what happens. What I significantly like about this one, and the majority of the toy trucks in this article, is the very cool Coca Cola bottles included on the supply truck. These amazing examples of toy Coca Cola trucks show why the brand is so compelling for everyone involved.

Grave Digger is the most well-known of all monster trucks and the identify of a staff of vehicles that race the United States Hot Rod Association (USHRA) circuit. Shakti Subbarao’s Gypsy Kitchen, one of many other fashionable food trucks on the town, is a year and a half old. If you consider that is all gone now and racism is a thing of the previous, simply take a look at that rock in Texas. As I am on a weight-reduction plan for high blood sugar, there isn’t a lot in food trucks any extra.

Now that donuts and occasional are such large enterprise for DD, they need semi trucks to deliver the massive quantities of espresso, cups, napkins, food, and merchandise that prospects do not just want, but demand. The prominent pictures of the Monster Trucks film had begun on May 13, 2014 in Chilliwack. Some international locations, by the way, have a separate registry of tipper trucks and trailers. Paramount Pictures has lately been shuffling the release date of its upcoming ventures pretty incessantly, particularly the Monster Trucks Movie which was earlier scheduled to be launched on March 18, 2016 but has now been delayed but again.

It makes excellent sense that eating places who pay rent for building area ought to want trucks to do the identical, but the rules that are set up by the business district and the town do not allow for that to occur. Although their could also be some tweaks to transmission gear ratios or shift settings to deliver more low finish torque, these trucks stay largely the identical.

A series hybrid truck has several very important benefits over both the present diesel trucks used for hauling, and over a purely electrical truck. Has a die solid provider gone out of business and is another retail entity selling the remaining inventory. A fireplace engine can not put out a fireplace by itself, it should be supported by trucks and ladders. By providing these Free Monster Trucks Coloring Pages and Boys Truck Coloring Pictures we get to take part in the current revolution taking place in education of youngsters. Hopefully we will see some hybrid trucks which are extra than simply advertising and marketing gimmicks come in the marketplace.

On Rhode Island PBS And Live In Providence Concert
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Food trucks that promote burgers and hotdogs and steaks are apparently all the trend in Bengaluru. One intriguing side is the arrival of meals trucks such as Coyhaique’s Kawescar (pictured at prime), just a block off the pentagonal Plaza de Armas, but additionally in out of the way places similar to Villa Cerro Castillo , the place La Cocina de Sole (pictured above) occupies two parked buses where the southbound pavement ends (though preparations for paving the next phase are properly underway).

In order to obtain an area competitor’s advertised price: (i) tires should be purchased and put in at your taking part Ford Dealer; (ii) buyer should present the competitor’s actual, local commercial (containing the lower price) which must have been printed within 30 days of the sale; and (iii) the tires being bought should be the same brand, sidewall, speed and load ratings as shown within the aggressive advertisement.

Give the eating places what belongs to eating places, give the trucks what belong to trucks. For a County political machine that rips off virtually each considered one of its initiatives from locations like Berkeley, CA and New York City and Portland, OR, it is outstanding that it does not subscribe to the overwhelming consensus among new urbanists that food trucks help make urban areas vibrant.

It was the priciest of all of the meals trucks we stopped by. If I go back, I’m not sure if Charlie’s Pizza Taco would be on the return go to. Call us to debate your next vehicle buy or to talk to us about Trucks in Northern Ireland or the South of Ireland, Trucks for sale UK or shipping a truck wherever in the World. For the value, this was certainly one of the best in comparing all food trucks. Most of the Ford drivers are glad to say that the 6.4L is gone as a result of many problems this powerplant skilled. Gone are the times when a truck was a stiff experience, positive to shake you out of your seat.

Yes, their 4.6 L version will get 20 mpg, but that model doesn’t come near the payload and towing capacities as the other trucks. As for the Food Trucks on the Fountains, outdoors of the windy brisk climate it was a great time. You can be one of many first to find out about particular provides, new tours, new Arctic Trucks modifications and all the exciting things occurring throughout the Arctic Trucks household. SYNC Connect is an non-compulsory feature on select 2017 MY vehicles and includes SYNC Connect service, for 5 years from the automobile sale date as recorded by the vendor, by use of FordPass on select smartphones.