Getting a Chauffeur Was a Great Idea

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When my girlfriend and I started talking about the amount of money that our husbands spend on fishing, hunting, sports, and boys’ nights out, we knew that we had earned ourselves a night out for ourselves too. Word spread, and soon there were nearly 25 women who wanted to join us for a fun night. With that many people, and with us not trying to stick to a low budget, we decided to look into a Platinum party bus rental in Toronto. It is not like we were wanting to spend our husbands’ money, because all of us work hard too and make decent wages ourselves.

We just really wanted to have a fun night out, because it seemed like the men were the ones having the majority of the fun. Sure, we have shopping sprees and the occasional lunch, but that is just with a group of two or three. This was going to be a real party where we could just have fun. That is why we wanted to get a party bus. We wanted to go to a few different places, and none of us wanted to be responsible for being the designated drivers.

That problem got solved really fast when we decided to rent a party bus. A handful of the ladies had been on some before, and they explained just how fun they really are. Without having to worry about driving, it made the entire night that much more fun. We were able to make the inside of the bus just like a nightclub with the state of the art music system and the strobe lights. There was also a bar that was nice. The best part was having a chauffeur who made sure we got from point A to point B with no problems at all.