Boost hair growth with REKZE Laboratories

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Our hair consists of three types of scalp, the scalp is dry, oily and normal. Of each type of the scalp, the way care is different. Like, dry scalp, you just clean up your head as much as 2 to 3 times a week shampoo. For this type of oily scalp, you can wash every day. As for the normal scalp you just wash your hair as much as 2 times a week, but if you have a space outside activities that make your hair often exposed to pollution you can wash every day.

If you’ve been able to identify the type of scalp you the real, the next step you need to know hair loss causes so that you can choose the right shampoo and the right medication for your hair loss.

Loss of two types to occur from the hair root, usually this happens because the scalp vitamin and too much of the chemicals are absorbed by the scalp. Then you have to do? first of all maybe you could start with not too frequent shampooing. Because when you give shampooing shampoos that contain substances of clams in it.

So you should wash it at least 2 days. Secondly, there is a good idea before choosing a shampoo for hair loss you first read the content on the shampoo. Choose a shampoo that contains serum to strengthen the hair from the root as 24 Anti-Hair Loss Treatment and Hair Growth Stimulating from rekze product, so the hair becomes stronger and not easily fall. Rekze also offer various product, such as 43 Conditioner, 24 Serum , 63 Shampoo and 28 Wipes. Rekze Laboratories’ hair growth and anti-hair loss stimulating serum fights against shredding or thinning hair. Keep and care your beauty hair from now on, and be more confident with the beauty and healthy hair.