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Are Car Accidents Public Record?
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Accidents are sometimes unavoidable. Even if you are driving one of the most reliable cars ever, there’s always a chance you’ll be involved in a wreck and find yourself without a vehicle. And if the accident was your fault, you may be wondering if it’s now public record for anyone to see.

The answer is that it depends. While technically, an accident report is made public record in the US, they may only be there for a limited amount of time and some states regulate who can obtain them.

Who can access a car accident report?

Every state has its own laws governing how car accidents are announced and who can access a car accident report. For example, in Texas, most newspapers can report on car accidents. But official reports can only be obtained by anyone directly involved or anyone having legitimate interest in the accident. This would include employers, parents of underaged drivers, drivers, passengers, insurance policyholders, insurance companies, and lending institutions. Texas law also allows anyone who doesn’t fit into their obvious criteria to fill out a form to be considered eligible to receive on.

On the other hand, states like New Mexico have no restrictions as to who can obtain an accident report. Their policy states that one can be obtained by any “civilian, law enforcement agency or officer, and any other agency.”

How long is a car accident report available?

Most car accidents stay on your driving record for three years, but how long the report stays available is another factor that varies from state to state. In New York, the DMV typically keeps accident reports for four years from the date of the accident. But there are exceptions, and the reports can be kept on record longer if the state commissioner receives written notice with a good reason to retain them. The Chicago Police Department, on the other hand, keeps their accident reports on record for seven years.

Regardless of the length of time in which accident reports are available for purchase, each state has its own statute of limitations that prevents any claims or lawsuits past a given amount of time. And property and personal injury claims are usually separate. For instance, the statute of limitations for personal injury is usually two years. But for property damage, it can be up to three years.

How to obtain an accident report

Depending on how long ago the accident occurred, the agency who reported it is usually the best place to start. For example, if the accident happened outside of city limits on the highway, the state’s Department of Transportation will likely be the best agency to contact. There are also websites where you can purchase these reports as long as you have all the required information.

As always, the process of obtaining reports varies a little between states. Almost every agency charges a fee to get these reports, but there are exceptions. Most allow the parties directly involved to receive one for free within a certain number of days after the accident. For example, say someone in California had an accident within Irvine’s city limits and they hired an attorney to represent them. Their car accident lawyer in Irvine would contact the local police department and handle all the paperwork necessary to get the report.

Most of the time, car accident police reports are public record in the beginning. News reports of the crash are often covered in local newspapers or broadcast on local television stations. But the law varies from state to state concerning who may obtain them and how long they’re available. If you’re concerned with your information being made public, you should consult your state DMV and your attorney regarding the situation.

Tips To Help You Choose A Really Good Auto Repair Shop
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Choosing an auto repair shop is a really important step for every single car owner that really cares about his vehicle. You always need to choose the shop that will do the job right at correct prices. Contrary to popular belief, this is not easy to do since many auto repair shops offer questionable services or overcharge clients. Some even charge for repairs that are not needed. In order to avoid the shady shops and choose really good options, here are some things to consider.

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Ask For Recommendations

Let’s say you look for auto repair in Arvada. In this case you need to find people that actually used the services of the available establishments. Talk to some car owners that you trust and see what they recommend. One of the easiest ways to find really good recommendations is to talk with your neighbors, family members and close friends. What you are particularly interested in is an opinion about mechanics reliability and service quality.


Never assume a technician has the appropriate professional qualifications to perform maintenance work or do repairs. An auto repair shop has to display professional certifications, together with license documents. Clients have to verify qualifications before agreeing to work being done. Having a professional certification indicates that mechanics are always up-to-date on knowledge, training and skills regarding specific vehicle maintenance and repair aspects.

Find Specialized Experience

This is one of the most important facts to consider when you choose the best auto repair shop for you. Generally speaking, you need to look for as many years being in business as possible since this indicates that knowledge was gained in providing highly reliable repairs and diagnosing car problems was successfully done. The experienced car mechanics always know what should be done and will just service clients better. Being in business for a long time is a sign that clients are satisfied.

Analyze Warranties

It is important to check if the car is under warranty or not. There are various differences between warranties provided by car manufacturers. Unfortunately, in many cases there is not much clarity in regards to who should service the vehicle or what parts can be used in order to maintain warranty status. If the warranty is still in place, there is a very good possibility that you can only take the vehicle to some specific dealerships that are affiliated with the manufacturer. Doing otherwise can violate warranty. Contact your dealer or even the car manufacturer whenever you need more precise information about the subject.

Online Reviews

Nowadays, you can find almost anything on the internet. This includes reviews about products and services. Before you choose the auto repair shop it is a very good idea to look for some online reviews written by actual past customers. You should also see what the reputation is for the shop on popular review websites like Yelp or Angie’s List. Obviously, you want to choose the auto repair shops that have as many positive feedbacks as possible from customers.


Tips Overcoming the Dewy Car Glass When It rains
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Driving in the rain requires more concentration, especially with the emergence of dew on the car winds that disturb visibility and driving distance. Then what is the cause of the glass of dewy car?

Dew that appears in the glass due to the temperature difference between the car cabin with the outside of the cabin, because the temperature inside the cabin is hotter than the cooler outside temperature. This is what causes moisture in the inner glass of the cabin or you can visit the Auto Window Tint in Fort Lauderdale Florida.

Tips Overcoming the Dewy Car Glass When It rains

But keep in mind, the use of air conditioning during the rainy season can also cause the glass to dewy at temperatures that are too cold. It is recommended to set the temperature sufficiently. In addition it is to enable the reciculation feature. This feature is usually present in the AC console with an arrow image from outside the car cabin entrance.

Another way to get rid of dew can be by applying a little hair shampoo in the inner car windshield. But try to keep the shampoo not mixed with water. After that you can visit the Car Window Tint in Fort Lauderdale Florida, a glass that has been smeared with shampoo with a slightly damp kanebo lap. In order not to blur, how to wipe it should also be unidirectional.