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How Often Should You Take a Break from Work?
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Even though you are overwhelmed with your current workload, you have to remember that it is also crucial to take vacations to recharge yourself and avoid getting burnt-out which is a typical scenario for most young professionals and workaholics out there. Have you tried planning your annual holiday getaway or do you prefer to take small vacations instead?

Having long vacations sounds very inviting, but you have to remember that to recharge your work batteries entirely, it is healthier to take small vacations in between. Always remember that at the end of the day it is essential that you prioritize your overall health and well-being. Here are some ideas to help you figure out how often you should take time off from work.

Whenever you feel bored

Doing the same tasks at work day in and day out can cause you to feel bored in a short period. It can cause you to slack off and underperform because you find the job to easy for you to handle. Some people will opt to resign once they feel bored but before you make that choice why not try to take a quick vacation first. Book a flight somewhere far from your workplace, stay at a comfortable hotel and even rent a slingshot. It is a street legal vehicle, not an off-road one, that you can use to explore different places that you have never been to before. When you get back to work, analyze your emotions and talk to your boss about your dilemma. You can probably step up and ask for more responsibilities and challenging tasks to be assigned to you so you can get your groove back at work.


There are many reasons why employees feel demotivated. Are you working long hours daily without getting compensated accordingly? Are you working with a difficult boss and colleagues? Do you find your job too stressful to handle despite having a good salary? If you have been with the company for a few years then did you ever wonder how you were able to survive to go to work every day? You may want to organize a team building event with your office colleagues and take the time to enjoy each other’s company without talking about anything that is work-related. A quick weekend getaway with colleagues will help create and sustain good working relationships. Remember that if employees are happy in their company, they will not even think of quitting.

Tired and stressed

Endless reports, deadlines, and overtime can cause you to feel tired all the time. Also, honestly, your weekends or days off not are enough to make you feel rested and energized when you get back to work the following week. To make you feel better, you should take one long weekend off at least once a month and plan something special with your family. A staycation, outdoor camping or overnight stay at the beach will recharge your senses.

Although it is vital for us to work hard so that we can earn more money, however, you still have to remember that you should strike a balance between your work and personal life so you and your family can always lead a normal life.


Is an Auto Repair Franchise Right For You?
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If you have dreams of being a business owner, a franchise makes a lot of sense. You can get an established business that provides all of the needed branding. You can decide if auto repair franchise opportunities are right for you to pursue.

You Love Customer Service

If you love customer service, you might want to think about being in a service-oriented business. You can focus on the customer and ensure that everyone gets the help that they need. A smile goes a long way and can keep you getting the repeat business needed to help you be successful.

You Enjoy Being Around Cars

If you love cars, you will want to consider an auto repair franchise. It will allow you to see a number of makes and models on a regular basis. You will learn a lot more about cars as you begin to get busier. Plus, you will find that customers will begin to trust you with their more valuable vehicles as you grow your business. Show them that you are reliable and they will rely on your franchise for all of their auto repair needs.

You Get the Support You Need

With a franchise, you get the support with all aspects of launching a business. This includes the extensive training, the marketing materials, and more. It ensures you don’t have to go through the trial and error that many business owners have to go through when they launch a business. Plus, you always have a way to ask questions along the way to ensure you’re taking the right path.

Owning a franchise can provide you with an array of benefits. If you love customer service and cars, it might be time to explore auto repair franchise opportunities in your area.

3 Steps to Powder Coating Greatness
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3 Steps to Powder Coating Greatness

Powder coating provides a durable, attractive finish for many items. This coating is thicker than wet paint finishing methods, allowing the coated items to withstand hard use for many years to come. It is the leading industrial finishing method and can be found in many applications, including automotive, manufacturing, agricultural, and outdoor equipment production.

Powder coating tools can have many benefits. Powder coating can add corrosion protection as well as providing a non-slip grip to hand tools. Plus, powder coated hand tools can add a measure of personalization with a wide choice of colors, textures, and gloss levels. To coat tools properly, there are several steps involved. Here is a guide to powder coating hand tools, resulting in durable, attractive finishes that last.

Step 1 – Preparation is Key

To ensure a durable, lasting finish, items to be powder coated must be prepared carefully. This means removing old coatings, debris, scale, and oils from all surfaces. Hand tools often have embedded grease and oil in addition to rust or corrosion. Professional powder coating services often use media blasting to remove the scale and corrosion that can harm new finishes. Sandblasting tools before coating is a great way to ensure good adherence of the new finish – it offers a bit of roughness that helps the powder stick to the surfaces of the tool better. Once the tools are blasted, a quick dip into a solvent is a good idea. This removes fingerprints, oil, and grease that can affect the quality of the powder coat.

At this time, it is beneficial to pre-heat the curing oven. Achieving the proper curing temperature is critical; consult the powder manufacturer’s documentation for the right temperature.

Step 2 – Coat the Tool with Powder

In the powder coating process, electrical charges are applied to the powder spray gun (positive charge) and the item to be coated (negative charge). Adjusting the voltage applied to the gun and the item to be coated can affect the adherence of the powder, resulting in a thicker finish if desired. The spray gun may also have pressure adjustments – consult the gun manufacturer and the powder documentation for appropriate PSI settings. The two charges work to attract the powder to the tool surfaces; powder particles will adhere to every crevice and nook if the charge voltage is set properly.

Single-pass spraying generally achieves the best coating. Start the spray to one side of the tool and move smoothly, releasing the gun’s trigger once the spray coats the entire tool surface.

Step 3 – Curing the Tool

Once the tool is coated with the powder of your choice, the next step is curing in a hot oven. As mentioned earlier, there is an ideal temperature range to ensure a good cure. Consult the powder manufacturer’s documentation for this temperature. Too hot of an oven, or too long of a curing time, may result in scorching of the tool surfaces, leaving unsightly marks in the powder coated finish. Too low of a temperature or too short of a curing period may result in an undercure and a coating that isn’t uniform.

By following these steps, a professional-level powder coat can transform old tools into clean, personalized items that are protected from corrosion. Professional powder coating services can help you find the right powders, colors, and textures to suit your specific tool needs.

This article was brought to you by PowderCoat Services, an Orange-County based firm with over 40 years of providing exceptional services to local businesses.