How to Effectively Test Your Ground Power Unit Before Use

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Written by: Start Pac

Summary: GPUs supply a large amount of voltage to your aircraft. Monitoring your gauges and keeping up with it’s maintenance is mandatory.

Properly connecting a portable power supply to your aircraft requires you to have a close eye to detail. We recommend that you consult with your aircraft flight manual or operating handbook beforehand if you have little previous experience handling external power sources.

Pre-Start Sequence

Start off by turning the GPU on. You’ll want to observe the output voltage and ensure that it is stabilized at approximately 28 volts (or whatever current your plane requires) before you connect the output cable to the aircraft’s external power receptacle. This is known as a test to ensure everything on your GPU is running smoothly and how it should be. Remember, aircraft maintenance equipment are sensitive pieces that require the utmost care and consideration.

Precautions and Low-Voltage Readouts

Next, you’ll want to remove the GPU’s output cable from the aircraft prior to turning the power switch to the off position. Doing so will remove any possibility of subjecting the aircraft’s onboard electrical system to power-down transients from the GPU. If the GPU voltage is reading anything less than 24 volts, be sure that you DO NOT connect it to aircraft. However, if it is already connected, remove it immediately and seek out a repair job or replacement – a gas electric hybrid GPU works well ideally when you need a new and improved external power source.

The Bottom Line

Performing a pre-start sequence and monitoring your GPU’s gauges will ensure that you supply your aircraft with a steady stream of voltage that won’t harm your plane in the long run.

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