Splitter 2 Splitter 2
Splitter is back! Once again, you must guide the smiley face to the brown circle by cutting objects and letting physics do the work.
Fragger Flash Game Fragger Flash Game
Blow-up the opposition with your sweet grenade skills! Play through 30 levels of fun, physics-based, light puzzle goodness. With 3 Difficulties to beat, each wi…
Wackio Flash Game Wackio Flash Game
Punch the ground to jump as you grab coins and avoid enemies. Grab keys to unlock doors.
Circular Blot 2 Circular Blot 2
Improved physics, more possibilities, more fun, more levels, more colors!
Bumper Buggy Flash Game Bumper Buggy Flash Game
Race through the treacherous terrain in your buggy. Can you make the trip? 14 levels of puzzles and action. Game made at Playcrafter please join using the make …
Super Blux Flash Game Super Blux Flash Game
Place similar blux together to remove them. Remove all of them to solve the puzzle. Controls: Use your mouse. Click a blux, hold down the mouse button and drag …
Use Boxmen Use Boxmen
Use your Boxmen to complete puzzles as you gain abilities to create new boxmen to help you out.
Pupzzle Pupzzle
Help Pupzzle the puzzle pup complete all his little tasks in this fun and cute little point and click puzzle game!
Rotating Balls Rotating Balls
Drive these little rotating balls through some obstacles to reach the safe area. Through the way you will find some object that will help you to pass the obsta…
Nitrohaul Nitrohaul
Click the part you need in the Tools tab and then drag it to any size you like. Connect the parts with joints and click Generate to see your construction in act…
Red Star Pro Levels Pack Flash Game Red Star Pro Levels Pack Flash Game
20 levels of exploding boxes and disappearing boxes to get the red star to land where you want it. This is a cool physics games!
Bloony Wheel Bloony Wheel
Great physics platform game where you’ve to get ‘Bloony Wheel’ through various levels and master loads of puzzles by controlling wheel’n…
Lab Rat: Quest for Cheese Lab Rat: Quest for Cheese
Help the rat find all forty two cheeses from around the world in this fun maze game.
Picpie Puzzler Picpie Puzzler
A fun puzzle game with great graphics and concept! Check your abilities with a wide variety of puzzles with many famous characters.
Bipole Bipole
Roll and tilt each new level as you get the two different characters to combine
Collider Collider
COLLIDER is an addictive and fun physics-based game featuring 25 intricate levels of play and hours of dynamically generated music.
Guide Alvin Morelos in delivering best tasting pizza’s in town. Use you concentration skills and amazing focus and try to beat your self in this addicting…
Open Doors 2 Open Doors 2
Welcome to ‘Doors Wide Shut’! In the sequel to the puzzle game ‘Open Doors’ you have to find your way to the exits (by opening and closing d…
Perfect Balance Playground Perfect Balance Playground
If you found ‘Perfect Balance’ too hard you can now enter the ‘Playground’ of that pysics engine based puzzle game with a lot of very, very …
Tilt Tilt
Guide your balls through the maze by tilting the board.
Gen Gen
Attract the smaller spheres and guide them safely to the light blue sphere. The spheres should not touch red surfaces.
Tom and Jerry Midnight Snack Tom and Jerry Midnight Snack
Place the limited arrows correctly to get Jerry to grab all the cheese and the key to open the door.
Mushroom Cannon Mushroom Cannon
Shoot the mushrooms in the physics world as you try to get 1 mushroom in each bucket.
Magic Pen 2 Magic Pen 2
Combine physics with your ability to draw to try to capture the flag.
Monkeymetric Monkeymetric
Save the family of monkeys from the erupting volcano, in a fun challenging isometric puzzle game.
The dragon and the wizard The dragon and the wizard
The fearsome dragon has returned, and it is up to you to stop it! The Wizard can defeat the monster, but only with your help. Spot the differences between the p…
Panda Star Panda Star
Lesson 2: Pandas not only can kung-fu fighting, in the fancy collecting game this cuddly pet also can fly! Use arrows to move and press space to continue.
Exorbis 2 Exorbis 2
In the second part of the slide puzzle game Exorbis you have to push and pull the colored balls to their markers using arrow blocks. Starts quite easy!
Puzzle Defense Puzzle Defense
Yes, you heard right, ‘Puzzle Defense’ really is a mix of a stone-clustering puzzle game (where you have to earn credits) and a turret defense game.
Spin N Match Spin N Match
Spin around the tiles to try to duplicate the other figure.
Two Rooms Two Rooms
You have to go around each level using two pieces, which are separated by a wall in the middle. There are many different objects you can interact with that will…
Cross Block Cross Block
Cross out all the squares using your mouse as you take consideration in the limitations of the game.
Sort My Tiles Aladdin and Genie Sort My Tiles Aladdin and Genie
Sort My Tiles Aladdin and Genie
Mario Slide Mario Slide
Mario Slide is a fun free sliding puzzle game where you need to slide the pieces of the puzzle around to solve the puzzle.