Understanding the Functionalities of Power Units in Large Airports

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There are numerous ways to deliver a specific amount of power (400 Hz for example) to an aircraft. Two of the more common methods utilized at the large airports are through cable devices or pit systems. Either option can be used in conjunction with each other or as a separate portable power supply.

Cable Reel Devices

Now, the cable reel devices are electronically controlled to dispense the set amount of power to the aircraft. Attached via the passenger bridges, the operator will control the cable and extend it, allowing the crew to attach it to the aircraft. These cables may be attached to a centralised system or a gas electric hybrid GPU – which is catching on in various airports due to cost-efficiency.

Pit Systems

Pit systems on the other hand, contain a cable that is accessible by lifting the cover on the pit where it’s stored. Now, these pit systems need to be able to withstand the substantial amount of aircraft weight, so you can expect them to be designed in such a way that they can deal with the mechanical load. They’re confined in tight spaces but are also easily accessible for a quick and efficient power transfer.

Both types of aircraft maintenance equipment allow airports to function effectively without having to worry about loss of time and inefficiency. They’ve been utilized at airports for decades and will only continue to develop when the years roll by.

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