Understanding the Use of GPUs in Airports

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Summary: GPUs play a significant role in airports everywhere.

When it comes to ground power at airports, usually the aircraft will generate its own power. However when it’s parked, the engines are shut off, therefore leaving the aircraft powerless. This is where ground power units come into play.

Now, the normal power source for planes of this size are usually 115 V at 400 Hz (varies) and is known as ground power. In this article, we at Start Pac will discuss the primary aspects of ground power unit and why they’re such an integral part of airports everywhere.

Hybrid GPUs

There are numerous types of GPUs available today. You have the diesel electric hybrid GPU for example, that cuts down on emissions and noise but still provides a substantial amount of power to an aircraft. At Start Pac, we produce the finest gas turbine start up products that can help your aircraft function at peak performance.

Now, the number of ground power units used on an aircraft depends on the size of the plane itself. You can have anywhere from one cable to a plethora of them all connected to the GPU.

Centralised Power Points

When it comes to the power conversion aspect, it can either be done through a centralised point (through the use of frequency converters) or through a mobile craft carrying the gas electric hybrid GPU itself. Many times, centralised power grids are utilized due to the vast quantities of power it can distribute throughout the airport. Additionally, it’s also much cheaper to produce. However, it does come with its caveats such as voltage drops and balancing issues.